Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Planning for a bright future : Together!

1. Democratic discussions for the community - To provide chat and e-groups facility at this site
2. Encouraging new genration to particiapte in community developmental activities
3. To make other people aware about Bishnoi Community and their involvement in the progress of the community
4. To stimulate the need for strengthening environmental and wild life protection activities: To provide a co-ordination in this regrad
5. To provide education and health information/ service to Bishnoi children and women once the internet penetration reaches the village level
5. To provide an international exposure to the community and also learn from our well wishers
6. To be used as a tool to conduct census for the community
7. To provide useful information services like matrimonials, announcements and other news dissemination, intimation of fairs, seminars etc.
8. To be used as an organising tool for literature storage, dissemination of Sakhis, Bhajans in MP3 format, Books (e.g. Shabadwani etc.)
9. To provide all kind of information about basic rituals at the time of child birth, marriage, death and other occasssions.
10. Last but perhaps, most important one, to provide the contents of this site in Hindi, too. This can be covered very soon

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