Tuesday, December 2, 2008

29 Rules or Commandments of Bishnoi Community

"Untis Dharam ki aankri, Hridya dharey joi Jambhehswar aisey kahey, pher janam nahin hoi." (The Guru Jambheshwar sayeth: One who imbibes the twenty nine (29) articles of faith, he will be liberated and shall not have to take birth again)
Of the 29 commandments laid down by Guru Jambheshwar Ji, 8 (Eight) commandments have been prescribed to preserve biodiversity, and encourage good animal husbandry. These include non-sterlisation of bulls & keeping the male goats in a sanctuary; a prohibition against killing the animals and the cutting down of any type of green trees and providing protection to all life forms.The followers are even directed to see that the fire wood is devoid of small insects before burning it in their hearths. Even the wearing of Blue cloths is prohibited, beacuse the dyes for colouring them used to be obtained by cutting a large quantity of shrubs.
7 (Seven) commandments provide direction for healthy social behaviour. These direct the followers to live a simple, truthful life, commit no adultory, be content, be abstemious, pure and avoid making false arguments. Critising others is prohibited and in the event of being criticised by others, tolerance is to be shown.
10 (Ten) commandments are directed towards personal hygiene and maintaining good basic health. These provide simple instructions like drinking filtered water, taking a daily bath, improving sanitary conditions, prohibiting the use of opium, alcohol, tobacco, bhang & charas . Meat is specifically excluded from the diet of followers. Ritual prohibition for 30 days after child birth and 5 days during menstruation are prescribed, too.
Rest 4 (Four) commandments provide guidelines for worshipping God daily and always remember that God is omnipresent.On every Amavasya (Black moon), a fast should be observed and collective Havan (Homage through fire) is to be performed for the salvation of soul.
In a Bishnoi temple, no idol worshipping is allowed. Only a lamp with Ghee (Purified butter) is kept lit while praying, no elaborate ceremonies or rituals are performed by the priests. Bishnoi∈s are basically worshippers of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu,Vishnu tu bhan re prani is repeadlly recommended in the Shabadwani.
These 29 rules are simple to understand and easy to follow in day to day life . Most of these rules have a scientific basis (Except may be the prohibition of blue colored clothes. Even this had a socio-ecological relevance at the time of its formation) and are useful for the whole of mankind.

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